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ISO9001:2000 compliant


The semiconductor industry is the leading industry in the Silicon Valley and our customers require machining support for the tooling and fabrication of semiconductor devices.  Projects range from prototype design to complex assemblies and Lazar Machining can provide the required manufacturing assistance at every step of the way. Working in a dense industrial area we can fulfill an ongoing request for sheet metal, surface and centerless grinding and plating processes..


Medical / Imaging:
The medical and imaging industry has been  a steady portion of our customer base. Our customers' requirements include 3D true 4th axis capabilities for challenging medical and surgical devices which are often made from hard to machine rare and exotic materials. Our decades of machining experience can assist your engineering to support your design team from the prototyping through production run manufacturing.


Food Processing:
The food processing and packaging industry requires the fastest turn around on spare part machining. At Lazar Machining we are equiped to handle long rods and large parts and have dedicated staff to provide quick turn around.


Alternative Energy:
The alternative energy industry has been a growing part of our daily business and our customers range from solar to fuel cell companies. Products range from extremly complex 3D parts manufacturing, surface and JIG grinding and post prosessing.


Movie Industry:
In the movie industry cameras often require special add-ons, custom fittings and/or modifications of existing parts. Lazar Machining has decades of experience working with Hollywood's most trusted camera manufacturer as well as special underwater and special effect companies.

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